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‘Candyland’, ‘Doll Parts’, and ‘Screen Test’ are a 3 part series reminiscent of the paradoxical cave that I exist in; absurd but mundane, both chaotic and still, within the underbelly of society but where a fire ignites… except this time it’s in my hair.

In this collaboration with artist Charlie Denis, I’m attempting to strip back, but only to reveal that what’s underneath is just as uncanny.

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Environmental concerns

I’m aware of the concerns people have raised around NFT energy use and the implications this has on the environment.

NFTs are an especially exciting technology which empowers artists, allowing them to sell their work in a completely novel way after an incredibly tough year.

After doing extensive research of my own I am confident that NFTs do not directly contribute to the carbon emissions of the Ethereum network. However, it is true that Ethereum is energy intensive which is why I support off-setting and a move towards a Proof of Stake system to reduce energy usage. 

For further reading I recommend these pages:

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And for general information on offsetting:

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